How to Make a Simple Goat Jerky Recipe

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We are not just satisfied with the ordinary meat for our jerkies, aren’t we? That’s why we just keep on exploring until we got the best piece that can satisfy our peculiar tastes.

Just recently, my friend delivered a fresh pack of Chevon to my doorsteps. “Goat meat?” My eldest kid asked. “Yes. And today, we will make a jerky out of a goat meat.” I simply answered.

Well, I am new to making goat jerkies. Just like my predicament when I encountered the pheasant meat, I was really taken aback with the idea of making a jerky out of a goat. It is not that I am new to this ingredient.

In fact, I have already tried making goat curry and stew. It is just that I have no clear idea what to expect from making goat jerky.

But since I have already promised my kids to a goat jerky treat, there was no point in retreating anymore. Besides, I always uphold my pride as a home chef. I don’t really back down when it comes to cooking challenges!

To cut the long story short, I made a goat jerky with the standard recipe I use for my beef or bacon jerky. I really wanted to try the spicy version. However, I found it difficult since I don’t know how the spicy taste would react to the meat of the goat. Fortunately, my kids loved it. Therefore, I think what I did is great!

A Quick Detour

Of course, I would share my goat jerky recipe to you. But first, I have to make sure that you already know what you are doing. If you are new to creating jerkies, then there are few guides that I want you to check out.

First, you need to know how to choose the ideal cuts for making a jerky. In this way, you can dry your jerky at a much effective rate.

Second, you have to understand the general process of making a jerky. As a matter of fact, you can actually use any types of meat for jerkies. As long as you got the right recipe, any meat should work. This reality makes things a lot exciting since you can exercise your creativity in the kitchen.

But then again, I have to emphasize that cooking is a science. If you want the perfect output that could satisfy your tummy, you need to be exact on a lot of things. Do you know how long you should smoke a jerky if you are using a smoker? Do you know how to tell if the jerky is already done? Getting right on these aspects could serve as the thin line between a tasty jerky to a bad one.

I always apply these simple but practical procedures to ensure that my cooking won’t go off. I have kids that have sensitive tongues. Therefore, they can really determine the slight nuances on my dishes. But trust me. It is not much of a hassle. You can always incorporate fun and precision in the kitchen.

How To Make Goat Meat Jerky

What are the ingredients that you need to create a fine and tasty goat jerky? Here are they:


  • Two pounds strips of goat meat (six to twelve inches long, preferably)
  • Worcestershire sauce (one cup)
  • Soy sauce (two tablespoons)
  • Brown sugar (three tablespoons)
  • Paprika (one teaspoon)
  • Garlic (minced)
  • Black pepper (1 1/4 teaspoon)
  • Salt (1 1/4 teaspoon)

Meat Preparation

As I have promised, I will present here my basic recipe for a goat jerky. If the goat meat that you have is still a whole chunk, you need to cut it into strips. If you are still on the market, just take the opportunity to have the butcher prepare the meat for you. It will somehow lessen your preparation time in the kitchen.

​The Marinade

Take a large bowl and mix all the ingredients that I listed. I am sure that you can create a delicious, aromatic, and savory marinade out of the combination of those ingredients. But you have to properly stir the marinade so that you can achieve such perfection.

​After your desired mixture is complete, you can already place the strips of goat meat there. Next, put the bowl in the refrigerator and let it stay there for 12 to 24 hours.

​Drying the Meat

​Remove the meat from the marinade and put it on a baking rack or tray. At this time, you need to dry off the meat so that the marinade can fully seep in. To do this, you have to put the tray back in the refrigerator for 45 minutes to one hour.

Removing the Internal Moisture

​When the drying is done, you can already place the strips of meat in your oven or smoker. Let the strips sit there until the temperature of the drying device reaches up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. After several minutes, you must reduce the heat to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This process is easy if you are using a digital oven.

However, if you are using a traditional oven, you have to do things manually. Specifically, you have to slightly open its door until such time the moisture will escape. If you have a smoker, just release the vents. The reduction of moisture is very crucial so that you can guarantee that no liquid reduce would stay in the meat.

​This process is pretty repetitive, so it is important that you have to be patient. You need to repeat the same procedure by an interval of 45 minutes. After four to five hours, you can already flip or reverse the strips so that you can dry up the other side as well. Of course, the drying time should still be similar to initial process.

How to Know if the Jerky is Done

When all of these procedures are over, your goat is quite ready for consumption. You can determine if a piece of meat is already a jerky if it has a chewable and lean texture. It should break if you bend it. If you noticed that there are still liquid residues that are coming from the meat, return it to your oven. It is not ready yet.

​I would never bother you anymore. Let your tummy be the judge to the quality of your cooking! Moreover, do not ever forget to share!

​Jerky Preservation

​There is a good possibility that you can consume all the jerky in just one sitting. Therefore, there is a need for you to learn the proper preservation method of jerkies. Fortunately, the process is not that complicated.

​Just store the remaining jerky in an airtight container. If you put the container in a fridge, it would last for at least five days. But if you will place it in a freezer, it could survive for at one to two months.


Does goat meat make good jerky?

Yes. Any meat can make good jerky. As long as you are using the correct recipe and have the correct meat slices, you can make good jerky out of goat meat. This makes for an exciting and creative time in the kitchen.

What does goat jerky taste like? Is it good?

Goat meat has a naturally sweet and gamey flavor that doesn’t go away when made into jerky. Many people absolutely find this flavor delicious. To make goat jerky taste even better, marinate the strips of goat meat during the preparation process with a recipe that elevates its natural flavors. The final result of the taste of the goat jerky will be incredible.

How can you tell if goat meat is bad?

There are signs to look out for to spot spoiled goat meat. First, make sure to smell the meat if it has a sour or pungent smell. If it does, it means has gone bad even though it may look fresh. Also, if the meat has a slimy texture, it means the meat is building up bacteria and has gone bad. Lastly, watch out for meat that is turning green or becoming dull in color. It’s important to use unspoiled goat meat when making goat jerky or any kind of jerky for that matter. If the goat meat has gone bad, throw it in the trash.

How long can you marinate goat meat?

Generally, the longer you marinate the goat meat the better. Even if we’re using strips of goat meat that are typically thinner than other cuts, marinating it for up to 12 to 24 hours in the refrigerator is ideal. Some people leave their meat to marinate for up to 48 hours.

Do you soak goat meat before cooking?

Yes. Goat meat should be soaked in a marinade recipe before cooking whether it is being made into goat jerky or not. You can also soak goat meat in water to tone down its natural flavors.


Learning how to make a goat jerky is pretty similar to other types of jerky recipes. You just need to prepare the best and finest ingredients for the tastiest and freshest results! Specifically, always pick the right cut for the goat (the ones with less fat) so that you can prepare the jerky easily.

​Did you learn from this article? What are your thoughts about my goat jerky recipe? If you have any questions, just feel free to ask me in the comment section below. Enjoy cooking!

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