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The Best Charcoal Grill Under 200: Top 5 List

Who doesn't love outdoor grilling? There are a lot of recipes that you can do with this type of food preparation. From grilled burgers and steaks for your family picnic to grilled fruits and vegetables to add to show-stopping dishes, all manner of tasty delights are possible, as long as you have a good charcoal grill.

Fortunately, there is no need for you to break the bank just to get your hands on a decent unit of this device. In fact, there are quite a number of options for the best charcoal grill under 200 that can give you satisfying results. These cost-saving charcoal grills can certainly go head-to-head against higher-end models in terms of usability, and are great buys, quite suitable for simple homeowners and folks that just want a budget friendly charcoal grill for everyday use.

Do not worry. Despite their affordable and cheap prices, these inexpensive charcoal grills have decent build, features, and performance. I have even tested them to make sure that they are not just rip-off products. Just take a look at each of them and see which one you think can satisfy your needs and requirements.

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How to Smoke Ribs in Electric Smoker Like A Pro

Baby back ribs and spare ribs are always sumptuous and eye-catching. They can never fail anyone's taste buds, especially if prepared properly. This delectable meat is one of the reasons why I motivated myself to learn the art of smoking. Just imagine if you can make this recipe anytime you want. It is a guilty pleasure that you can't help but get indulged. 

You can smoke your ribs in any type of smoker that you have. But for amateur cooks, I recommend that you should try electric smokers first. They have a simpler setup and operation than to charcoal smokers or gas smokers. If you can get a decent electric smoker, the quality and taste of your smoked foods would certainly elevate. 

Now, I know that most of you are excited to learn how to smoke ribs in electric smoker. Fortunately, these two are a match made from heaven. Therefore, even novice pitmasters can make restaurant-quality smoked ribs at the convenience of their own backyards.

Are your mouths watering already? Then it is time that I should teach you the finesse of making smoked ribs with the help of your electric smokers​​​​

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How to Reheat Brisket Correctly: Two Methods to Follow

If you are living somewhere near Texas, you probably know that briskets are one of their prized recipes. Being able to stay there for a couple of months, I was baptized to how they create smoked briskets. The smoking skills of the pitmasters there are so great that they even humbled my esteemed cooking skills. 

But of course, all of those experiences are proving grounds that honed me in the area of smoking briskets. Currently, I am under the impression that my briskets are from the being amateur. I am not self-praising myself. It is just that when I compared the taste of my previous briskets to what I can accomplish today, they are far really different. 

However, despite all these improvements, the smoked briskets that I create are susceptible to drying out quickly. I am pretty sure that you are all aware of this situation, especially after you have sliced the meat. Well, you don't want this happen and just let the brisket spoil. You have to learn how to reheat brisket because the latter is expensive in the first place. 

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How to Clean An Electric Smoker: A Full User Guide

Our electric smokers are precious beings. As much as possible, we don't want them to sustain any damages or defects. In fact, we want to treat them like our little babies. Without them, you can't just make those fanciful and mouth-watering smoked food recipes.

Of course, you want to take care of your electric smokers because they are not easy to acquire. Although it is guaranteed that there are electric smokers that cost less than $200, such value is still not something you can just laugh about. Therefore, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure its longevity and performance.

The first maintenance procedure that you can do for your electric smoker is through cleaning. There is no other way than this. It is the most practical way of preserving the quality of the device. But how to clean an electric smoker exactly? Are there any procedures or guidelines that you should follow? 

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How to Smoke Whole Chicken: Another Simple Food-Smoking Tutorial

For me, there is no best way to prepare a whole chicken than smoking it. This particular slow-cooking method ensures that you can get the fullest flavor and nutritional value that the meat has.

Unlike other ways of cooking, smoking does not suck out the essential contents of the food, making it a popular approach of many people. 

As for me, I can say that a smoked chicken is way better than its rotisserie counterpart. Aside from its genuine flavor, a smoked chicken is truly juicy and palpable.

It is one of the foods that you don't get sick of eating. And even if there are leftovers, you can still do a lot to them. You can include them in pizza, sandwiches, and burgers. 

Since I keep on blabbering about this delicacy, I should already show you how to smoke whole chicken properly. It would save you a lot of time and money if you can create this delicacy in your own yard. Check out the simple tutorial that I made in the next section. 

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