The Best Way to Reheat Meatloaf (And Other Methods of Warming Food)

We love to eat meatloaf. It is one of the delicacies that we usually munch during breakfast or dinner. It has a simple preparation, but the taste it can give to your tongue is more than intricate and satisfying. 

Sometimes, we tend to prepare food that is too much for us to consume. Of course, the end result is a plate of leftovers. Should you throw that excess meatloaf? Absolutely no! Therefore, you should opt to save the food via reheating. 

Learning the best way to reheat meatloaf is necessary to preserve the quality of the food as long as possible. Ideally, reheating should be an easy process. However, doing it wrong can degrade the food. For instance, meatloaf and other meat products are susceptible to drying out if you don't reheat them properly. They would become tasteless and unpalatable. At the end of the day, you might end up throwing them. 

Fortunately, you can always avoid this predicament. How? Just learn and apply the following methods listed below:


Best Way to Reheat Meatloaf

Method 1: Oven

For me, the oven is the best device that can reheat your meatloaf. Some people disagree with this, and I cannot understand that. If you crank the oven at the proper temperature, your meatloaf could be warmed again without losing moisture and quality.

Moreover, I prefer putting meatloaf leftovers on my oven because it is convenient and easy to operate. Here is how you reheat meatloaf with the use of an oven:

  • Step 1. Preheat your oven to around 220 to 240 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Step 2. Put the leftovers on a shallow plate and cover with an oven-proof foil. I would recommend that you should include gravy or beef broth to the plate to induce moisture to the meatloaves. 

  • Step 3. When the oven is ready, put the dish inside it. Let the meatloaves be warmed for 20 minutes before you take it out. Of course, you need to cool the dish before eating it again.

Method 2: Microwave

Another approach in reheating meatloaves and other food leftovers is through the microwave. It can reheat the food in a quicker manner than the oven. But once again, some are not sold out to this reheating method as they say that it dries out the moisture of the food.

Well, those who believe this claim might be doing the process wrong. If you allow me, I can teach you how to reheat meatloaves in your microwave. Check the guide below:

  • Step 1. Use a microwave-safe dish and put the meatloaf there. After this, cover the food with a clean and damp paper towel.

  • Step 2. The best way to use a microwave for reheating purposes is cranking it to the lowest setting possible. The reheating should only take 2 to 4 minutes, depending on the heat gauge of your device. You can check if the meatloaves are already warm. Press the center of the loaves if they are hot. If not, let them be heated a little longer.

  • Step 3. Once done, remove the plate from the microwave for cooling. 

Method 3: Skillet

This one is quite unique from the rest of reheating methods I have listed. Using the skillet is a good idea to reheat the meat. Specifically, you are going to use the skillet to fry the meatloaf.

But of course, you have to be careful with the frying, as you don't want to overdo it. Otherwise, the meatloaves would get burned and toasted. Their moisture would be sucked out, too, leaving them dry and tasteless. If you want to do this reheating method, just follow the guideline I made:

  • Step 1. Put your skillet on your stove and let it be heated under medium-heat setting. Make sure that you apply butter or oil the skillet. 
  • Step 2. Once the butter or liquid are already heated, you can already fry the meatloaves. Stir them on both sides until they are fully warmed. Do the stirring very quickly, not allowing the food to be toasted and burned. Each of the sides should be fried for around 2 minutes or until they become crisp. Flip them with the use of a spatula.
  • Step 3. Take out the meatloaves from the skillet after the fast frying. Let them cool down before you serve them.

The Golden Rule of Reheating

If you have a kitchen that is complete with basic cooking wares and amenity, then you should apply this golden rule that I am about to tell you. Specifically, you need to reheat the food in the device where you cooked it. 

A bowl of soup should be reheated to a pot as a chicken should be warmed again in an oven. But why should you do this? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Reheating is not just simply warming the food. Instead, it is a process that would allow you to heat up the food in the original temperature that it was. 

The methods that I have shown you are some of the alternatives if you don't have a full kitchen utility at your disposal. Even if you prepared the meatloaf in the skillet, you could still reheat them with the use of an oven or microwave. Just set the right temperature the food should be delectable again. 


All of these reheating methods can bring new life to your meatloaves. Trying them by yourself is really recommended, as wasting food is not a good move either.

But how about those meatloaves that are already dry? Should you throw them already? Don't do that. Instead, you can crumble those dried leftovers and include to your sauce if you are going to make spaghetti or pasta.

Moreover, your leftover meatloaves should be left open on your kitchen counter overnight. They would quickly spoil as you are exposing them to bacteria and other external detriments. It is better to refrigerate them or reheat them immediately. After all, this type of food should be eaten as immediately as possible.


Reheating any food is necessary to prevent unwanted waste. The latter is simply impractical and unethical. The food that you prepare should be eaten and not be discarded. If you have kids, train them to value the things that are served on your kitchen table. Make them realize that being frugal will allow them to make the most out of what they are eating!


The best way to reheat meatloaf is rather simple and far from being complicated. Moreover, it is a good example of how you should treat uneaten meals. Learn all these methods that I have listed, and you can guarantee that you will never have a hard time of dealing leftovers. 

Did you learn from this simple kitchen tutorial? I hope you did. There are some other useful cooking resources and tips that I made in this humble blog of mine. If you want to check them out, just kindly hit the subscribe button. Also, don't forget to hit like and share, too! 

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