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How to Make a Simple Spicy Pheasant Jerky Recipe

Have you ever tried making pheasant jerky? If not, I welcome you to this short cooking session. In here, I will give you a unique jerky recipe that involves this meat coming from a bird called pheasant.

​Although it has a name that sounds so lowly, a pheasant is actually a premium game bird. Some of my friends who are into hunting consider this a trophy. According to them, seizing the bird is not that difficult because of it has low and slow flying capabilities.

​But I don't really care how they catch this bird. All I desire is that I can convert its meat into something wonderful and delicious! And since I am a jerky fan, I tried to explore the uncharted parts of the culinary map. My attempt at making a pheasant jerky is not as simple experiment. However, it is indeed fun and rewarding!

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How to Make Bacon Jerky in 8 Easy Steps?

Bacon jerky is a delicious treat that no one can just say no. The chewable texture of the meat will let your tummy crave for more. Of course, it has an alluring smell that can make anyone turn their heads. Fortunately, this delicacy doesn't require you to become a kitchen expert. All you need to do is to get the right tools and ingredients. After that, you are ready to go!

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