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How to Make a Sweet and Spicy Buffalo Jerky

Buffalo meat is an excellent ingredient for any spicy recipes. Just last week, I tried a Paleo Chili made from this meat. The taste was truly riveting to the mouth! My appetite seems to be insatiable when I encountered such dish.

However, the best spicy recipe that I made for this meat is a buffalo jerky. Its taste is truly one-of-a-kind. If you are lover of spicy and sweet flavors, you will certainly love this simple masterpiece of mine. I can guarantee that a buffalo jerky is great for any occasions, regardless if it's a grand party or simple family gatherings.

What made this recipe of mine different from other spicy buffalo jerky recipes is the presence of pineapple. The juice of this fruit allows all the varying flavors to have a complete harmony! I know you are eager already. However, let me take you on a short jerky course first.

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How to Make A Mouth-Watering Lamb Jerky

One of the most delicious meat out there is the lamb. There is no doubt about it. In many countries, especially those located in the Mediterranean region, lamb is considered as a premium meat. Aside from lamb jerkies, there are a lot of recipes that you can make out of this meat. You can have lamb chops, ground lamb, and the very sumptuous braised lamb shanks.

Of course, since I am a lover of every type of jerkies, I will focus this article on how to make a delicious lamb jerky at the convenience of your home! There's no need to fret over other stuff. The recipe and the procedure are all straightforward. However, I have to warn you that making jerkies, regardless of the meat, will always be time-consuming.

But after the ordeal, I can guarantee you that you will taste the deliciousness of this treat! It is a delicacy that is worthy of being savored.

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An Easy Recipe On How to Make A Squirrel Jerky

A squirrel meat is not a common ingredient among us. Of course, this meat is not typically available on commercial markets. The best way you can acquire it is through hunting. Fortunately for me, I got friends who are into small games. They would always search varmints like squirrel during their free time.

They would often share a portion of their hunts to me. Sometimes, they would give an entire trophy me, just like that pheasant jerky I talked about. A few days ago, they gave me a fresh squirrel meat. They asked me if I could cook it for them. They asked what's the recipe in my mind. "Why not squirrel jerky?" I told them. And everyone simply nodded.

Making jerkies is an expertise of mine. Well, I am not saying that I did receive a formal education about this stuff. It is just that I am well experienced with it. Therefore, I really trust my instincts when it comes to this food, regardless of the type that I am going to use.

There are various ways you can prepare a squirrel jerky. But this time, I will introduce to you the most basic recipe first. In this way, you will understand the basics of making jerkies.​

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How to Make a Tasty Rabbit Jerky: A Homemade Recipe

Who said that you could only use bacon and beef for jerkies? For me, that is completely acceptable. I have already tried making goat and pheasant jerkies. And they taste great! Now, I would introduce to you another exotic type of jerky: the rabbit.

​I tried making my very first rabbit jerky a couple of months ago. It so happened that my friends who went on a game brought me a fresh rabbit meat. They said that it was one of their biggest trophies they had on their hunt. Of course, they asked me to cook it for them for their next trip.

​For long outdoor activities, I know that jerkies are the ideal snack. These delicacies have a long lifespan. Moreover, they stay tasty even after a long time. These are the biggest reasons why I decided to make a jerky out of a rabbit meat. The recipe I used is the same as I used on my beef jerkies. Read further so that you can get started.

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How to Make a Simple Goat Jerky Recipe

We are not just satisfied with the ordinary meat for our jerkies, aren't we? That's why we just keep on exploring until we got the best piece that can satisfy our peculiar tastes.

Just recently, my friend delivered a fresh pack of Chevon to my doorsteps. "Goat meat?" My eldest kid asked. "Yes. And today, we will make a jerky out of a goat meat." I simply answered.

Well, I am new to making goat jerkies. Just like my predicament when I encountered the pheasant meat, I was really taken aback with the idea of making a jerky out of a goat. It is not that I am new to this ingredient.

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