5 Reasons to Use Touchless Faucets

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You don’t want to be at loose ends when buying the next kitchen faucet. Especially when you want to choose from the best touchless kitchen faucets!

Most homeowners love using a touchless kitchen faucet every day. It’s probably because of its water efficient and hygienic functionality. When compared to standard faucets, you can save up on water expenses in the long run.

But, in order to convince you to buy a touchless faucet. I’d have to spell out the top 5 reasons to use touchless faucets. Once you reach the end of this article, I know you’d want one for your kitchen too! So you might as well read what comes next.

5 Reasons to Use Touchless Faucets– What Others Haven’t Told You Already!

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#1 It Offers Germ-Free Use

It should come as no surprise to you that a water tap is the breeding ground for germs. A similar article tells us that your kitchen is probably even dirtier than a toilet seat. This may seem like an exaggeration. But let me tell you the truth.

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Everything inside your kitchen can contribute to being unclean. This includes your kitchen countertops, your sink, and cutting board. More importantly, it also includes your kitchen faucet.

You’re attracting more and more germs and bugs to the tap. Cause you constantly have to touch the faucet to start and stop it. A simple wipe-down of the faucet is not enough to get rid of harmful bacteria.

What you need to is not touch the faucet at all! This is possible with a touchless kitchen faucet. By not touching the faucet, you’re not exposing the surface to different foods. Say you have greasy hands from prepping a meal. In order to wash them, you will need to touch the tap’s handle to start the water. This leaves your faucet exposed to germs, bacteria, and stickiness.

#2 It Is Easier To Install and Maintain

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This is better for people who like to do things their own way. Touchless kitchen faucets come with their own mounting equipment. This makes it easier on you to install the faucet on your own.

Once you get the basic plumbing out of the way. Installing a touchless kitchen faucet is simple and effective. They’re a huge convenience in the kitchen because its components are all durable.

Unlike standard faucets, you don’t have to twist or turn the handle on the faucet every day. This completely eliminates the risk of rusting or clogging. Less wear and tear on its fixtures is a special advantage for touchless faucets. Making them far simpler to maintain for long-term use!

#3 You Will Save Money on Water Expenses

Did you know the average kitchen faucet water usage is more than 2-3 gallons per minute? With standard kitchen faucets, the water continues to run excessively. While you wash the dishes or clean the countertop! Apparently, for some, constantly shutting the tap off and on is too much work!

A good way to reduce excessive water consumption is with a touchless faucet. A touchless faucet uses ergonomic motion sensors. These sensors detect hand movement a few inches away from the mainframe. Only then does the water flow out of the tap. 

And once you move your hand away, the water automatically stops flowing. While this may seem like a minor upgrade, it can save tons of water in a single month!

#4 It Is Environmentally-Friendly

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Apart from being water-efficient to save money, touchless kitchen faucets are eco-friendly. Manufacturers of touchless faucets come with all set requirements for energy conversation. This also includes EPA environmental-protection certifications.

This means touchless faucets are safe to use and user-friendly. The materials used to manufacture a touchless faucet are ergonomic and durable. They’re less likely to burst or cause leaking in the pipes. 

Saving more water and cutting back on maintenance costs in the long run. Another way a touchless kitchen faucet is eco-friendly is water filtration. They come with high-quality components to reduce the harsh effects of hard water. Potentially reducing mineral buildup in the tap and bacterial formation around the nozzle!

#5 It Has Finer Temperature Control Settings

This reason benefits most people because it caters to preference. You need hot or cold or warm water to do certain tasks. Whether it is getting rid of a tough stain or keeping yourself cool in a warm climate.

Having the ability to control the temperature is one of the best features of a touchless faucet. With a touchless faucet, you no longer have to wait for the water to heat up. Nor do you have to let the cold water flow completely to get hot water.

This leads to water wastage and increases your water expenses. A touchless faucet gives you the best hot and cold water combination. With quick and ergonomic temperature control settings!

Key Takeaway

There are these 5 reasons to use touchless faucets. Out of all of them, cleanliness is a big concern when it comes to kitchen faucets. On top of it all, what’s also important is money. You don’t want to waste a few hundred dollars in home improvement. Especially by buying a standard kitchen faucet!

A touchless faucet has many perks for you to look forward. Plus, it’s a part of modern technology and so affordable! Why would you look anywhere else for comfort and efficiency?

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